Saturday, April 11, 2009

An Easter Bunny Sighting!

Mizz Z’s flower garden looked just like this on Friday morning. Beautiful as always - nothing unusual except the little pink mustang parked in front which her little grand twins arrived in for a day’s visit.

But it wasn’t an ordinary day at all! No sirree! You are NOT going to believe this, but Mizz Z called all of us “first time” grandmother friends to tell us that the Easter Bunny was at her house.
Of course, we all gathered our little bunnies and hopped right over to see THE BUNNY!

Well, of course, some of our little bunnies are past hopping. They drove.

I can tell you that THE BUNNY is all that I have been told about him since I was a little girl! And our little bunnies will always have memories of him (or her) too…some fond memories…

some, well, not so fond.

Regardless, It was a delightful day, but like all good days, they can’t last forever and we didn’t want to keep THE BUNNY too long since he has a lot of hopping to do before Easter morning! So we said good-bye and went back home to start our cabbage stew for Easter dinner.

Thanks Easter Bunny and Mizz Z for sharing the day with us!


marty39 said...

What a memorable event for the children, and such precious pictures. Have a Blessed Easter. Hugs, Marty

Stephanie ~ Angelic Accents said...

How fun!! My girlfriend & I had a party when our girls were little that the Easter bunny appeared at! It was glorious fun! You made some fun memories for those little ones!

Angelic Accents