Thursday, April 16, 2009

Patience of a Heron

I was walking past a pond one morning and was honored to catch this heron doing some fishing. I'm not a professional photographer by any means, but I just kept taking shot after shot and was pleasantly surprised when I downloaded my photos to my computer and found this close-up of my friend catching his breakfast. Of course I couldn't stop there. I had to play a while adding my embellishments. :)

Couldn't we learn alot about patience from our friend, the heron?

"Smallest" Friday Blessings to you, Marsha

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marty39 said...

What a great picture, and I love the embellishment you put on it. It is a lesson in patience. Thanks for stopping by my linen post. We don't have a Horchow store near us either, but all these wonderful sales are on line. Just go to and there are so many gorgeous things to see. I love all their stuff. Hope you have a great weekend. Hugs, Marty

The Southern Housewife said...

Oh my! Looks like I found a gem of a blog! Thank you so much for visiting me! And your Smallest Blessing was just so lovely! You did such an amazing job with that picture. I must admit, I need to practice my patience. THanks for the reminder.

LMH said...

Hi -
This was my first visit to your blog. I love what you wrote in your profile, especially the part about something to do and something to love. Wow.

I look forward to visiting-


Anne Marie said...

What an awesome scrap! It encaptured the spirit of the moment....I too, absolutely think it's an honor when you are "met" by a Heron :)