Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Spring Fling

Here's a fresh idea for sprucing up any table. Start with a sheet of wheat grass. You can use real grass, but I already had this artificial grass in a bucket.

You will need water picks like these below. You can find them at Michaels.

And flowers of your choice. Pick them out of your yard if you can. It's cheaper! :)

Then cut your flower stems to varied heights. Poke them in the flower picks. Hint: For the Gerber daisies, I left the lid open on the water pick, but was able to fit the miniature roses in without taking the lid off. Whether you leave it on or take it off will depend on the diameter of your stem.
Decorate your grass container with whatever you have. I tied yellow polka dotted ribbon around my bucket and added a green and yellow button. Then I added a nest with eggs and put everything on a vintage yellow checked tablecloth that was my mother's.

Voila! You are done in no time! Try it and Enjoy!!

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marty39 said...

Oh how pretty. I must remember to buy some sheet grass the next time I'm at Michaels. Your arrangement is just so lovely. Thanks for the idea. Hugs, Marty

KBeau said...

That's so cute. I think I actually have a container of grass on my screened porch. I believe I could do this. Thanks for the idea.

Mary said...

A great idea -- so imaginative!

Kathleen Ellis said...

Hi Marsha! Thanks for stopping by! Your centerpiece is lovely!
I got the chargers when I had my shop...quite some time ago. I haven't seen them anywhere recently. sorry!

RR Mama said...

Precious idea! Daisies are my favorite flower!! Thanks for stopping by, it's nice to meet you. Have a wonderful Easter.

Anne Marie said...

HEY!! You are a Na-Da Farm Chick!!
very cool

that display looks fabulous and simple....if I had the time out of the kitchen...I would totally do that.....

Anne Marie