Thursday, September 17, 2009

Summer turns to Fall

These photos were taken on a recent October trip to Ogunquit, Maine. Ogunquit means "beautiful city by the sea" Really, can't you see why it's called that?

On this unusually warm day in October, sunbathers dot the taupe sand and blue sea enjoying one last stolen Summer day in Fall.

The orange pumpkins and green gourds...
...the autumn colored marigolds blooming along the fence row remind us that Fall is upon us, but summer is not yet ready to let go and lingers a little longer.

And we're thankful for that.

"Then summer fades and passes and October comes.

We'll smell smoke then, and feel an unexpected sharpness,

a thrill of nervousness, swift elation,

a sense of sadness and departure."-

Thomas Wolfe

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Wsprsweetly Of Cottages said...

Wow! What beautiful pictures! Just gorgeous. Makes me want a new camera even more! Only a few more days until FALL is officially here! :) Doesn't it make you smile??

Elaine said...

Marsha...gorgeous landscapes and gorgeous photos of them. Love the September themed song too.....oh the memories!
Elaine :)

Porch Days said...

I enjoyed my visit to your blog. I looked at lots of posts. Especially liked the pictures of the pumpkin people. I remember when I did a figure like that every year.

Leann said...

What great photos. The colors are amazing and I love how you've captured both "seasons."

Enjoy your weekend!

Kate said...

Beautiful pictures...fall is just around the corner!

Aunt Amelia's Attic said...

Beautiful, beautiful, BIG photos!

I love blogs, which use Stretch Minima template and 'tweek' their photos/pics to b-i-g. :-)

Maya said...

It looks gorgeous!

Deanna said...

These are beautiful pictures. Makes me want to walk along the beach!

Autumn's not far away. Hope to take some long Autumn walks in pleasant weather. Aaahhhhh.

Have a blessed week-end,

Terry said...

Nice place. I think of rocky beaches when I think of Maine. I thought this one was a lot further south.

Mary said...

What a beautiful landscape. We are familiar with the area and love it.

Jolyn said...

Marsha, hello what wonderful picture of the beach. My hubby and I travel to that area often with his job. I have never seen this, and I have been through this town several times. We are planning another visit in the next couple weeks. Can I ask where did you all stay? I think we never got off main st or route 1. I look for something like this everytime we go. Thank you so much for posting this.
Have a blessed day.

Regina said...

Beautiful photos! Autumn is the only season I haven't experienced yet.
Enjoy your weekend.

Chari said...

Hi Marsha...

You are absolutely right about Ogunquit,'s absolutely delightful! I love all those beautiful autumn colored very pretty! Also enjoyed your photo of the pretty pumpkin and gourds!!! Ohhh yes, Autumn is here and I love it!!! Thank you for sharing these beautiful photos!!!

Warmest wishes,

Amy said...

So beautiful...I'm sure feeling the fall sunshine on you felt soft and warm contrasting the intense sun of summer.