Wednesday, March 17, 2010

“oh, the work it takes to be beautiful”

Just had to tell you about pretty boy getting his very first haircut today. 

Here he is patiently waiting.

Don’t you sometimes wonder just what they are thinking? 

Well, I just know if he could talk during his first beauty appointment, he’d be saying…

being beautiful is tiring

“Oh, the work it takes to be handsome; it’s SO SO TIRING!”

well i don't know

“So you did say this wouldn’t hurt, RIGHT?”

don't know about this

“uh…did she go to school to learn how to use that weapon?”

it comes with freebies

“Hey!  You didn’t tell me this haircut thingy comes with freebies!”

that tickles

“, that tickles.”

i'm styling

“Would you take a look at me!  I’m styling!”


“WHOA BABY!  I’m a looking GOOD!”


Anonymous said...

Good looking is right. Cute puckered up lips could give his Grammy a sweet kiss. He is sure growing.

Anonymous said...

So cute and how lovely to capture the moment, Jackie in UK.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...


Glenda/MidSouth said...

How cute!

mishebe said...

looks like he did really well for his first hc.. good boy!

Lisa said...

Your grandbabies are precious! I'm so impressed that he didn't cry! What a doll.

Anonymous said...

Hi M. thanks for stopping by to see my art. I was done with acrylic wash which indeed is intended to look like watercolor. You have a good eye. I forgot to mention how it was done.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

He is adorable, and I love your captions with the photos. Cute, cute post! laurie

Kate said...

Cute post! What an adventure!

Really Rainey said...

Hi Marsha! This is such an adorable post! I just wanna kiss those sweet little lips... What a sweet Grand-baby and a great way to document that first haircut!

Take care there and thanks for checkin in on me!


Anonymous said...

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LDH said...

What a handsome little guy! Great pictures! Love the St Patrick's Day picture in the previous post too!

Always a joy stopping in for a visit!

Kindly, ldh

Just Call Me Grammy said...

Adorable pics of an adorable boy!