Tuesday, March 31, 2009


“April in Paris,

chestnuts in blossom,

holiday tables under the trees.”
E. Y. Harburg


The Charm House said...

Thank you so much for the sweetest of sweet comments!! I am going downhill fast, getting ready for my monthly IVIG treatment and you just gave me a good burst of happiness to help me through the day! I love your post about April!! The month that we hope turns the cold to warm~
The middle picture - is that a Buckeye bush... The last house we lived in how a huge hill in the back that I would go and pick buckeyes from in the fall. I have bags of them here that I have dried. In olden days our grandparents would carry them in there pockets or pocketbooks for luck. But what is so strange and funny at the same time... THEY are poisionous and can Kill YOU!
If it is a buckeye? May I please "borrow" your picture for a post that I want to do on Buckeyes?
It is so lovely!
PS ~ Your verse on your banner is one of my favorites!

Marsha's Mpressions said...

Yvette, I'm so glad to know I made you happy. That's a primary goal of mine for this blog. And isn't that what life should be about? :)The bloom is from a Horse Chestnut tree. I post a lot of my own photos, but this one is not. You are more than welcome to use it! Feel free!