Saturday, October 10, 2009

Classy Gift Wrapping Ideas

Last weekend, we had the honor of attending our friend's wedding reception (without the wedding). You see, they were married last May, but just hosted their reception. I know it sounds odd, but we actually went on their honeymoon with them and I did a post on it here, in case you missed it. It was a lovely event in their gorgeous backyard.

I was thrilled, they ask me to take pictures and I did, 512 of them! So! I got carried away. I'll show you some of the highlights in the next few days, but today I'd wanted to share the wrapping of their wedding gift along with some other gift wrapping ideas.

I love black, white and silver. It's so classy. I started with a silver box and filled it with black shredded paper. I included wine glasses and a bottle of wine. The bow is made of black, white and silver ribbon with a silver wine stopper nestled in the bow.
My homemade card is made of cardstock. I printed my message, cut out a heart and adorned it with a red rhinestone.

Designing this gift made me think about all the other gifts I've designed using black and white. Hmmm...I really do like black and white gifts! I topped this gift with luggage tags of the initials of the bride and groom and a 1st Christmas ornament with their names. Those grey blobs on the photo above and below are not part of the design. I blotted out the names to protect the innocent. :)

Oh, and inside this silver package is a skillet so I tied a black spatula to go along with the skillet theme in the bow and wrote a message on silver cardstock that reads, "May you always flip over each other."

I helped a friend with her wedding and wrapped these silver boxes for her bridesmaid's gifts. I duplicated her wedding invitation logo on the gift.

And here's a black and white bridal shower card with a touch of pink made from cardstock and stamped with black ink.

The inside of the card is a vellum sheet over hearts with a cutout groom and bride.

Black and white - a classy way to wrap a wedding gift. I'll bet you have some clever wrapping ideas too. I'd love for you to comment and tell us all about them!

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Libby Murphy said...

You are so brillantly creative. It's truly inspiring and I know the receivers of your beautifully wrapped gifts must feel very special.
Happy Twirls
PS We're having a GIVEAWAY if you're interested French Home 7 piece Wine Set

Deanna said...

Dear Marsha,
You have done a beautiful job!
Appreciate being able to see what you've created.
d from homehaven

Love the Decor! said...

Very beautiful packaging!! I always say
Its all about the presentation :) great presentation :)

susan said...

You are so creative and talented. I know a gift from you is very special--You make it personal and special from the inside out!

Robin said...

Absolutely gorgeous! I love everything you've are so talented!!


Robin :o)

Glenda/MidSouth said...

They all look so pretty. You are very talented.

Barb said...

Your box creations is so lovely.


barbara jean

Risa said...

Cute gifts. I'm going to a tag making event today actually. Hopefully I'll have some great ideas for Christmas.

Mary said...

You are very creative! I love your post. I love your blog. Since we've never met I'll stop there.

Amy said...

Wow!! I am ashamed of my gift wrapping tecniques. Your gifts look wonderful!!!

Robin said...

Now that's one exciting present! Love all the love and care you put into it!!!
All Things Heart and Home

Jane (Frugal Fine Living) said...

Marsha, these are lovely! You are so creative.


nannykim at spindle cottage said...

wow what great ideas!! This is inspirational--I need to get cracking and I bet you have some great ideas for Christmas wrapping!!

Phyllis AROUND THE HOUSE said...

I love the beautiful creative wrap, so many wonderful ideas out there and the black and white, so chic..loved the post..I am a new follower, come visit..

Really Rainey said...

SO classy indeed! Really pretty Marsha! If I got a gift wrapped like that I would be too sad to open it!

Hope you are having a great week!

REbekah said...

Wow! How creative! LOVE it all!!!

Velva said...

OMG! The wrapping is so creative. Just stunning!

cindy@cottageinstincts said...

Man, your recipients are lucky dogs! I'd be afraid to unwrap them, they're so gorgeous....I've wrapped a few things in black and white lately too. Very classy indeed, but nothing close to yours :o)

Kimm at Reinvented said...

Oh my gosh, those are beautiful. You are so creative. I'm lucky to get a gift actually wrapped! :)
When I do have the time, I love to use black and white also, with a brightly colored ribbon. Thanks for the ideas!

Mandy said...

How very beautiful! Super thoughtful wrapping - love it!

Dresser Girl said...


marmielu said...

Thanks for the peek into your creative ideas here! It's always so inspiring to see what others do.
Mary Lou

Pinky said...

Oh how I wish you could come and wrap my Christmas gifts! But since that isn't possible, I may just try to make this years gifts EXTRA special and do something creative like this! Thanks so much for the inspiration!!!!!!!!! Pinky