Saturday, July 24, 2010

Sunday Eve ~ Lessons in gardening and life

Just a  few weeks back, pink roses scrambled up my trellis in abundance.

trellis- 5-5 x 4-25 w watermark

 But lately, the lavish blooms have dwindled. 

So….to the “accurate source of all information” I go,

the internet, of course, {cough}

to discover what I can do to renew my lush roses.

deadhead What I learned among other laborious feats was to deadhead the spent roses.

So up the step ladder I go with my garden clippers, 

snipping and snapping away!

While balancing on the ladder, it occurred to me that life needs deadheading too.

When the blooming season in your life is stagnant, deadhead and move on.

Whether it’s work, play, or relationships, when it’s not blooming anymore,

clip off the ugly deadheads and amazing things happen.

pink rose with square 27 texture at 50 w watermark

Just like the fresh beautiful blooms that reappear on the branch,

a renewing of your spirit

will well up within you and bring you

happiness and joy.


“Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind.

Then you will be able to test and approve what God's will is—

his good, pleasing and perfect will.” ~ Romans 12:2


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Deanna said...

beautiful post!
Sunday blessings to you,

Really Rainey said...

WoW Marsha... That's a great way to look at things... I think I need to heed your suggestion too... I'll let you know...

Take care there

Dianne said...

Hi Marsha, I am so pleased to meet you. You have a beautiful blog and your roses are to die for.

The message of the post was well-taken. Sometimes we want to hang on to things that have been dead or gone years ago--I hear what you are saying and it is good.

To answer your question about my camera--I actually use two--

And I like each one in different ways--

the first is the lowest price digital SLR that Canon makes--and I like it for portraits and macro--actually it is the lens that I am so, so crazy about--it was $100 and is the best investment ( as far as photography goes) that I have ever made in my life--it transformed my images, at least to me--I still have a long way to go as a photographer but I feel that that piece of equipment was crucial. I will have to look it up and send it to you--if you are familiar with MckMama (website is under her photography section she decribes it.

I ordered it online--can't remember from whom though.

The other camera I got is a Canon S90 point and shoot and it is NOT inexpensive. I think I paid about $400 for it and it takes great landscape or architectural shots--I really love it!

Are you familiar with

Anita is an incredible photographer and she posts a photo almost every day.

Thanks for visiting my blog. Sure hope this helps.

Dianne said...

What I forgot to say is this: Your photography is absolutely gorgeous and your post-processing is really nice also. Love it!

sarah said...

great post...have a wonderful Sunday...

Clif said...

I love the way you illustrated this great message. Simple, right to the point and much needed. Thank you.

Ruth's Photo Blog said...

Thanks for sharing your thoughts.I totally agree,about the deadheading needed in each life from time to time.

Just Call Me Grammy said... and encouraging words!

Daughter of the KING said...

Beautiful post...

Linda J

Joan said...

This is a beautiful analogy, Marsha.

Blessings and joy,

Carolyn said...

A valuable lesson and well illustrated!


Hybrid said...

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Virginia said...

Amen! love your post ….so true.
Your pictures are beautiful.
Sweet Blessings,

Pain to Purpose said...

great post! Have a great weekend!

Charlotte said...

What a good illustration. It reminds me I need to deadhead my roses.
Have a great week.

Ginger~~Enchanting Cottage said...

I love everything about gardening, so needless to say your analogy on deadheading is perfect! I love your picture of your pink roses too.I'm sure it was not an easy task to deadhead a climber, just like our deadheading our life's, sometimes it's not an easy task.
God Bless,

podso said...

Wonderful insight. I'll think of that every time I prune my knock out roses, which seems to be often these days! But it does help them to come back, as you say.