Monday, November 29, 2010

Fried Computer!

That's right.
My computer fried and is being rebuilt so won't be posting for a few days.
And yes...I am displaying signs of withdrawal!


Olive said...

Drats Marsha. I am ever so sorry about that. I wish for a new computer and camera every day but with a kiddo in college it is not going to happen.

Anonymous said...

You have my sympathies.

Simple Home said...

Oh, I would be too :-) I hope it's fixed soon!

Sarah Knight said...

I hope all is well on the computer front soon! It's hard, isn't it?
I sympathize - I work midnights and had to go to work on Wed. before Thanksgiving, and then drive out into the country and spend the day at my Dad's. Needless to say, the first thing that happened when I arrived home (after I fed the fishes) was that I made a beeline to my office and turned on the imac.

This technology is addictive!

Elizabeth Dianne said...

Will miss you--hope it gets better soon and hope you can make good use of your extra time--smile!